Global Demographics Online Database - Manual

We have designed our online database so that it is very simple to use.

We appreciate that you want to extract the data you need for your analysis or report without any hassle

There are really 5 steps

  1. select countries, provinces or cities of China to be included in the table

  2. Select the variables to display

  3. select the years to display

  4. Click on Create Table

  5. Download the resulting table in csv format

It is that easy.

How to Use it

Obviously you must register with us first - see this page for the process. This includes if you want to use the free trial.

Once registered and logged in you are shown the page as shown below:

OLM fig 1.png

Selecting countries to be included in the table

OLM fig 2.png

For a list of countries in each region click here

For a list of cities available in each province of China - click here

Selecting Variables

This is very similar to selecting Countries. The variables are organised into logical categories which are displayed as shown below when you click on the drop down arrow beside ‘Variables’.

OLM fig 3.png

For a list of categories of variables, and variable included in each category click here

Selecting Years to Display in the Table

OLM fig 4.png

Creating the Table

OLM fig 5.png

Managing and Downloading the Displayed Table

OLM fig 6.png