See the Future in Time to Take Advantage of it

Demographic Trends tend to be reliable indicators of the future and
by uniquely combining data from multiple sources
we provide a comprehensive profile
of the current and future nature of consumers
for each of 117 countries and 31 Provinces, 611 Cities and 1,440 Townships and villages in China

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The problem with a forecasts is that no one knows exactly what will happen in the future and there can be any number of permutations that you want to consider in order to assess the risk..

Global Demographics Interactive Model allows you to make your own forecasts in terms of key variables and instantly see the impact of that on the future nature, size and affluence of the population. You can try as many scenarios as you like.

The model is based on Global Demographics’ core population and household income and expenditure model and its substantial underlying database.

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By subscribing to our database you have access to the data as and when you need it. You create your own tables in 3 easy steps. ( You can then download it in csv format. Being online, the database is always the latest version of the data. Click here for more information or Login for Existing Subscribers

The database covers 117 countries, 31 Provinces of China, 611 cities and 1,440 townships and villages in China.

It covers age, gender, births, deaths, households, education, labour force, distribution of household by income and expenditure patterns. In the case of China it provides data separately for urban and rural populations.

Published data is from 2005 to 2017 actual and forecast to 2043

On your Mobile Device

If you are a subscriber to our online database and have internet access you can create and review tables on a mobile device. The interface has been designed to work on both Tablets and Smartphones.

Tailored age and/or income breaks applied to the Database for any Country/Province/City.

This is a static database in Excel format for those who want to do extended analysis and/or require non standard age groupings (i.e. not the usual 5 yr steps) or income breaks. As we store both these variables in detail we can accommodate specific requests - typically within 24 hours. It is the latest version as at time of purchase. It is available for online purchase and download. More…

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The ‘no nonsense’ briefing on the future of China.

By understanding how China’s demographic profile will change over the next 20 years the reader will see the opportunities (and challenges) that will emerge in future years.

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